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Why Kettlebell Trainers Avoid Sugar

Participants who join a kettlebell training in NZ every year are all given customised diet and exercise advice. Trainers who work in these kettlebell classes believe that weight loss goals can only be achieved if the correct diet is followed with a structured weight loss workout. There are several reasons why participants are told to avoid sugary foods especially sugary liquids.

Don’t spike up your B.S levels
High sugar foods are extremely bad for the body as they spike up the blood sugar levels. The chaotic levels of sugar play havoc with the metabolism leading to hormone imbalance. Sugar is a substance which is almost devoid of nutritive value unless consumed in the purely natural form like honey or fresh fruit.

Trainers working in kettlebell classes make up diet charts for their clients. A typical healthy diet chart will be full of lean protein, low complex carbohydrates and a small dose of healthy fats.

Don’t enhance fat storage
Excessive dose of carbohydrates tend to be stored as reserve sores of fat in the body unless you burn it off immediately. Fat is treated as an emergency reserve store so it’s very difficult to get rid of accumulated fat. The easiest way you can shoot up your carbohydrate consumption is by drinking sweetened aerated drinks, cola, sugary juices and milk shakes.

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These sugar laden concoctions are absorbed instantly and elevate the blood sugar levels. Once your sugar levels are up your body will start storing the excess sugar in form of fat. This is why trainers working at the Kettlebell club are so strict about avoiding high sugar liquids.

Build your own goals
Another procedure you should not try to follow from other kettlebell personal trainers is their goals. You may feel they are enjoying success because of the path they are taking. However, keep in mind that each individual is different and their aspirations and dreams may not be the same as yours.

Have a story to tell
Another way to succeed in marketing your business could be on a more personal level. You could share with people just how you built up interest and ended up becoming a kettlebell trainer. Whether you had a weight problem and started fat loss training – or whether you were trying to overcome some emotional problem or physical challenge. A lot of people would be interested and if they find similarities to their situation, they could end up using your personal trainer services.

This is what marketing is all about, you have to learn to sell yourself and build bridges with people in your target market. If you have a story to share do not feel reluctant to share it. The courage and honesty you display by sharing will be appreciated and make people want to use your personal trainer services.